Why I Hate Plus Size Bikini?

why plus size bikini ?

The trends of wearing a bikini these days is increasing rapidly but finding an appropriate bikini is a one big deal especially if you have a plus size body, finding a bikini that flaunts your body is a real pain.

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Why I hate Plus Size Bikini?

Although there are some plus size bikinis available for oversized bodies, but it has got some really serious issues. So, here i am enlisting 9 reasons why I hate Plus Size Bikini :

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1. Uneasy to access:
Plus size bikinis are hard to find and they are not so easily accessible. Most of the times you have to rely on the online purchasing rather than searching on any store. The problem doesn’t ends just here even if you somehow manage to find a plus size bikini for you, these are the less range of bras with limited stocks for you to choose from.

2. Not appealing aesthetically:
This is a bitter truth but these are no denying the fact that plus size bikinis appear less appealing than a regular bikini if you have a good taste of fashion. This will really disappoint your expectations. The plus bikini available is often old fashioned with few or less range and varieties, but since you’ve left with no choice, you have to deal with it.

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3. Plus size bikini wearers are never satisfied: Even if you still manage to find a plus size bikini, it will never satisfy you (this is a fact though), plus size bikini doesn’t provide enough satisfaction and confidence that make you stand out of the crowd. There is always a compromise you have to face while wearing a plus size bikini on a beach (Another big disadvantage)

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4. Manufacturers pay less interest: Although the number of women with plus size/oversized bodies is graphically more but still the manufacturers seems to pay a less interest towards this market. Apart from this, plus size/oversize clothing’s require different type of work, different labours, and extra fabric material as compared to regular bikinis. The investment for the manufacturing of these plus size tops and plus size bottoms is more than the profit earned. Due to this, manufacturers have to pay high losses in their business. This is the reason why manufacturers pay less interest towards plus size marketing.


5. Compromise with the quality/Quantity:
Plus size bikini wearers have to compromise with the quality and quantity of plus size bikini tops and plus size bikini bottoms. It is really essential to find a perfect one that not only give your body better shape and support, but also make you look flawless. The quality that manufacturers use is cost effective and if we talk about the quality, there is usually very less stuff to choose from there are generally traditional colors available with old fashioned designs, compromising fabric and less range to choose from so as a whole, you have to work really, really hard for getting an appropriate plus size bikini for you.


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6. Skin tight outfits are a big NO! NO! :
I would highly recommend not wearing skin tight outfits over your plus size bikini tops. Bigger but size generally have unusual fittings with padded plus size bras this creates bigger problems if you wish to wear tighter clothes, as you can easily see the place where your boobs ends and bra begins this not only ruin your whole physical appearance but also make you look awkward.


7. Problems faced such as under boob sweat:
It has a simple body physiology the more your body heats up, the more it sweats. In plus size bikini tops wearers, the material of bra rubs against the skin and traps the moisture, this provides breeding ground for various bacteria and fungi allowing them to breed and grow resulting in rashes, itchy skin, bad odour etc. Trust me; this is really embarrassing if you are up to gym.

8. Smaller Bust size with larger body size and sagging of boobs are some of other problems in plus size bikini.

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9. Perfect Plus size bikini for bottom: Generally the women who are bulkier down draw more attention at their lower part neglecting other parts. In this case, it becomes really hard to choose the right plus size bikini for the bottom that perfectly fits your body without drawing any un-necessary attention towards undesirable body parts.


Apart from this list, here are some plus-size bikini for top and plus size bikini for bottom which you should clearly avoid if you are a plus-sized woman- Boy-shorts, Horizontal Stripes, Solid Suits, Split two-Tone suits, Strapless Tops.