How To Shave Your Bikini Line

Tips to shave Bikini Line

Is this sound familiar to you after a Brazilian Wax bikini shave ?

Tips on how to shave your bikini line in a way that helps you avoid those annoying bumps, as well as share a few shaving and waxing tips with you so your lady parts are looking their best in those brand new bikini bottoms!

 Say “NO” to Nasty Bumps While Shaving Your Bikini Line

Preventing Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

Pseudofolliculitis barbae is a fancy term for what happens when your skin becomes irritated because of shaving or waxing. For irritation-free results, try these tips:

Scrub – prepping your skin before shaving is important. Use an antibacterial soap to rid your skin of germs in the area. Gently exfoliate to create a smooth surface too. The smoother the skin, the sleeker the shave.

Soak – soaking in or under warm water will help soften your hair. Give yourself somewhere between 3-5 minutes for best results.

Spume – Soap isn’t really gonna get the job done, so for goodness sakes, invest $4 on some shaving gel or cream. The moisturizer in the gel or cream will prevent irritation and inflammation.

Shave – Ingrown hairs are neither a good look, nor a good feeling so let’s go with the grain here. Using a sharp razor, shave in the direction of hair growth and avoid going over the same area repeatedly. This will only cause unnecessary irritation.

Splash – Once you’re all bare, splash yourself with cool water then pat dry. Applying a post-shaving product will further reduce your likelihood of bumps.

Bearing with a Botched Job

Sometimes a botched brazilian can’t be avoided, so if this happens to you here are the best tips on how to get rid of bikini line bumps:

Let it Grow – Further shaving or waxing will only increase  your chances of ingrowns, bumps and skin lesions. This can leave you vulnerable to infection. Ew!

Stop Scratching – Not only is scratching your pubic area unbecoming of a lady, it is unsettling for your friends and family to watch. So, STOP! Besides, scratching off the bumps will cause scarring and again, leave you vulnerable to infection.

Lube Up – Not that kinda lube! *blush* Probably the most effective and soothing treatment for how to get rid of bikini line bumps, is to rub in a little antibacterial cream like Neosporin or Polysporin. Not only will they reduce the itch factor, but they will keep bacteria at bay.

Something to Think About

I vividly remember having my first conversation about pubic hair removal when I was in grade 8. I remember being traumatized by the very idea and not at all understanding why it was necessary.

I understand that ladyscaping is a necessary evil once you hit a certain age. After all, no one wants to see the Amazon jungle where there should be a groomed beach.

Regardless, there are a few things we often forget to consider when it comes to learning how to shave your bikini line and dealing with that particular part of our body in general.

Our pubic region is one of the most sensitive and susceptible parts of our body. By removing the hair we are actually increasing our risk of viral skin infections like molluscum contagiosum. This pox virus is contagious and can lead to warts, cysts, scarring and folliculitis. Yikes!

We’re all gonna do, what we’re gonna do, so all I’m suggesting is that you take precautions. Use a new shaver, go to a clean salon, follow my tips and tricks on how to shave your bikini line and keep your southern bell from going through hell! Aren’t I a little poet today!

Have you got a traumatic shaving or waxing story to share? Perhaps you have a few preventative tricks of your own, give a care and share, won’t you?

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