Easy Buying Guide For Plus Size String Bikinis

plus size bikini

plus size bikini

How to Shop & Save Money  For Plus Size Bikinis ?

Plus size string bikinis and swimwear are available in so many colors, styles, and sizes these days, that shopping is simplified, especially when you shop online and take advantage of all the discounted prices.

Whether you wear an extra large, 1x, 2x, or larger, you can easily purchase bikinis that flatter your voluptuous body. While Hollywood fashion designers might try to trick you into thinking that thin is in, when you talk to various groups of men, you will quickly learn that many men prefer women who are not just skin and bones.

Type of Bikinis

One of the best choices for a plus size bikini wearer is the string bikini. It’s a derivative of the full brief bikini, but it rests high on the thighs and gives the plus size woman full coverage of her tummy. Even if a woman has large thighs, a string bikini complements the leg. In some circles, this type of bikini bottom in called a Tanga. Think of it as a bikini that gives you more back support.

When shopping for string bikinis, the plus size woman should look for solid colors rather than prints, florals, or stripes. Although bright yellows, oranges, and reds tend to attract attention to the bikini wearer, if you walk tall, and hold your head back, you will have the same flare that skinny runway models have. It’s all in the perception and a reflection of how confident you feel while wearing your string bikini.

Of importance, is that as a plus size woman, you should choose a bikini bottom that is not a thong; rather, select a Lycra or stretch fabric that is ample for your body size, but that does not totally skimp on the coverage. The strings that tie high on your thighs will draw the eye upward.

Definitely, after you’ve purchased your body-flattering bikini, try to resist covering your body with a pareo or a large swimsuit wrap. To enhance your body style, choose a spa-type beach robe in a very light color and fabric that doesn’t tie with a sash around your waist.

In addition, most Internet-based swimwear sites have a sizing chart with recommended bathing suit styles and colors to choose from. Look at the selections with the photos of women who have body styles similar to yours before making your buying decisions. Most online swimwear sites make it easy to see the colors, styles, and sizes that suit your body type.

Further, many online bikini swimwear sites have a section especially for those women who wish to choose a figure shaper bikini-bust minimizer, tummy appearance reducer, slimmer looking hips, and so forth. Check out all the categories online before making your selections. It’s easier to shop online to get what you want, than it is to spend hours at the mall and coming home disappointed with the limited selection at the stores.
Source by Alex London