7 Ways To Wear Plus Size Bikini With Confidence

How to wear bikini with no fear

In my previous article i have written my views on 9 Reasons for not choosing plus size bikini” , Here again I am writing some of best ways that will help you in choosing your plus size bikini with confidence.

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7 Ways Helping you to wear Plus Size Bikini with confidence

1. Have some confidence in you:
Building a self confidence is really essential while wearing a large size bikini on your oversized body. It makes you look more comfortable while walking around on a beach. Though i know its really hard to develop self confidence while wearing an oversized bikini, so at least you can fake it until you get some real confidence that you no longer have to fake it sooner you’ll notice how fascinating and glowing you look.

Bikini Design Gallery2. Pick out the right one for you:
Finding a right oversize bikini is must you have to look out for every aspect by searching in from various stores, as you cannot rely on online purchasing you need to try out many swimsuits choose among different colours and varieties. Also check out for their fittings. They need to be tight (not very tight to suffocate you lol) from all the right places that they don’t swing away with the waves while you are enjoying on the beach. Also do some exercise, squat, running, jumping to check the flexibility of the material of your swim suit.

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bikini3. Be completely satisfied :
You have to be completely satisfied about your looks. Don’t feel ashamed of your body. Don’t worry whether anybody compliments you or not. Just embrace it. Try out your chosen swimsuit 3-4 times prior to wearing it on the beach. Don’t feel bad for yourself. Just remain satisfied about what you choose and how you look. This will all determine your look and enhance your confidence while wearing a plus sized bikini.

Body shape4. Dress according to your style:
You don’t always have to choose what others are wearing. Everybody has a different body shape, size, proportion; so you have to dress accordingly. Lets suppose if you wear tom boyish kind of outfits then don’t go for skinny bikini. You can look for some bored shorts or swim tank instead. The whole point is- you don’t have to choose something opposite your style. It will only make the situation worse and you will end up losing all the confidence you were left with.

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Find the right bikini for your body shape

5. Use specifically designed elements:
These elements provide slimming effect to your body. Try brighter colours for the areas you wanna highlight and darker colours for the area you wanna de-emphasize High cut bottoms gives you an appearance of longer, slimmer legs wearing a V-neckline bikini lengthens your upper body drawing attention towards your chest. Bikini’s with dark panels on the side gives you an effect of a curvy waist. Some bikini’s have tummy control bands used to tighten and flatten your abdomen area.

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bikini accessories

6. Pair up with some accessories:
Fill out your outfit by pairing your bikini with some accessories. This will help enhance your look and divide people’s attention. Find some coordinating sunglasses, hats, foot wears to watch your oversized bikini giving you a whole new look. you can also try some jewellery such as ear-rings or neck pieces to give you a fuller look as many women complains of feeling bare while wearing oversized bikini.


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7. Love yourself:
It’s your body, love it. Let the people say what they wanna say you don’t want them to convince you whether you look good or bad in a bikini. It’s all up to you. This is your body, you live with it all the time. So try to accept the way you look without worrying about others. If you don’t respect your own body, how could you expect anybody else do the same for you. You just have to relax and be positive. Try to look for the positive side of other oversized women in bikini and this will change your perspective towards you. This interim will help you enhance your look and developing positivity within you.